…Verse 3: [Vast Aire]
yo, you burnin’ the candle at both ends
I’m supposed to be the friend, I’m gettin’ fried in the end
the big bang theory, what is this a trend?
you ask a girl out and the universe extends
tell me to talk to the hand again and I’ll read your palm
I’m smellin’ your shit now, don’t know how to call
all I wanted was grounds for understanding
I ain’t greedy, but to hold your heart I gotta put my hand in, why debate?
you think you can fit me in that anorexic space between love and hate?
I got all of the first one and none of the other
and that’s something I learned from my sister and my mother
thought we was close in the genesis before all this
technology was cordless, a senseless courtship
this is more than just a song and when he’s treating you wrong
I’m more than just a shoulder to cry on
the F word*…

Artist: Cannibal Ox
Album: The Cold Vein
Song: The F Word*

*The F Word = Fuck e un enorme FUCK va a colei che non sa…che io so…


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